Beach Club Tennis Rules and Policies


The Rules and Policies of Beach Club have been established for the benefit of the entire membership and are necessary for an efficient operation of the club.


Beach Club Tennis Rules:


  • Proper tennis attire will be worn on the courts at all times. Shirts are required and only tennis shoes may be worn. Basketball, track, running and all other rib-soled shoes are not permitted.


  • Children (age 16 and under) have preference on Court 1. Tennis pro has a preference on Court 5.


  • When rackets are in the adult fence, no children can play on adult courts unless they are playing with a dues paying adult member. However, when their respective allocated courts are filled, adullts may play on the open children's court or children may play on an open adult court. When courts are full, children (age 16 and under) can bump adults from Court 1 and adults can bump children (age 16 and under) from all other courts, even though a set has not been completed. This rule may not apply during Board of Directors sanctioned tournaments and for league play.


  • Courts may be reserved only for OFFICIAL LEAGUE MATCH PLAY. No team can reserve courts for "practice".


  • Courts are available for play between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Please do not start earlier or stay later than these times.


  • When other players are waiting for a court, play is limited to one set of tennis with a maximum of a 5 minute warm-up. However, players wishing to hit only may use the court for a maximum of 30 minutes.


  • When there is water on the hard courts, those who roll the courts dry are entilted to one extra set. This does not mean just wiping up several damp spots.


  • Order of play on courts is determined by racket rotation in the fence. The racket on the left is the next racket for play.

    • Do not place a racket in rotation until all members of your playing group are present. Only one racket may be placed in the fence per individual or per team. Adults rackets will be placed in the fence at Court 6; children's (under the age of 16) rackets will be placed in the fence Court 1.

    • If the person with the first racket in the fence does not desire to play on the surface that becomes available, he may choose to yeild his place in line to the next person and wait for the surface he desires without losing his place in line. (i.e. He does not have to move his racket to the back of the line.)

    • The owner cannot give his/her to another individual not in his/her group. If the owner of the racket is not present when a court comes open, the racket shall be taken out of rotation.

    • While playing, one will not have another racket in rotation


  • The soft courts are closed in the afternoon after watering and for maintenance. Periodically the soft courts will be closed for maintenance. Play on soft courts is not allowed if there is water on courts or if they appear shiny from the water. Anyone removing a rope and/or playing on a closed soft court is subject to fine and suspension depending on the extent of damage they cause


  • Proper court etiquette will be practiced at all times. This includes no swearing, yelling, court abuse, racket abuse, and net abuse. No loud talking or yelling near the courts while play is in progress. Help other courts with balls that roll onto your court. EXCEESSIVE VIOLATION OF COURT ETIQUETTE WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE CLUB.


  • See rules posted on courts for tennis court maintenece to be done by members - especially soft courts! Soft courts must be swept properly.



  • League Teams:

    • Only teams approved by the tennis board chairperson will be allowed to play at Beach Club.

    • All team must notify the tennis board chairperson every season of the intention to form a team playing out of Beach Club. This includes new and existing teams and will require coordination between the men's and women's tennis board chairpersons.

    • All teams must consist of at least 70% Beach Club members, rounding down.

    • Non-members will be allowed to play in only one league as a member of Beach Club team per calendar year. That is non-members must choose to play in only one leagues such as JCCA, TNT, USTA, etc in a calendar year.

    • All teams should post notice on the bulletin board at Beach Club of a team forming. This is intended to give Beach Club members the opportunity to be on a team before non-members are added to the roster.

    • Beach Club members are to be given priority over a non-member as long as they are at the playing level of the team according to the discretion of the team captain.

    • All captains must be Beach Club members.

    • In order for courts to be assigned, all paperwork must be submitted by the team captain to the tennis board chairperson or the tennis pro who will then turn over the paperwork to the tennis board chairperson. Paperwork to be submitted includes the team schedule and the final roster along with any roster fees due, if applicable. Note:  no courts will be reserved until all of this has been received by the tennis board chairperson.

    • All non-members must pay a $45 roster fee per season in order to play on a Beach Club team. This fee is to be submitted to the tennis board chairperson before courts will be assigned. This roster fee is collected for the privilege to be on the roster of a Beach Club team and does not affect the non-member's ability to play as a guest twice a month with guest fees due. If the team has practices at Beach Club the non-member will still be required to pay any guest fees and these visits will fall under the "twice a month" rule.

    • Once the team has been approved and the roster submitted, any non-member changes to the roster must be resubmitted to the tennis board chairperson for approval before that person can play on the team.

    • On any given night all leagues playing that evening can only reserve 4 courts total at a specific time with a maximum of 2 soft courts. Courts available for league play will be courts 6 & 7 (soft) and 2 & 3 (hard).

    • Courts for night league matches will become available at 6:30 P.M.

    • Courts may be reserved only for OFFICIAL LEAGUE MATCH PLAY. No team can reserve courts for "practice".

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