Club House Rental Rules


  • The following club equipment may be used without an additional charge:  round tables, chairs, patio furniture, six-foot tables.

  • User is to remove everything it brings to the club at the end of the event.

  • The club is not responsible for any rental equipment delivered to the club. Arrangements must be made by the user to have all items removed at the end of the event or the items become property of the Beach Club.

  • Eating and drinking are allowed in all areas of the club. 

  • Smoking is ONLY allowed outside the club.

  • NO rice, confetti, rose petals, birdseeds, ect. are allowed to be thrown. Only bridal bouquet and bridal garter.

  • NO nails, tacks, or tape to be used on walls, ceiling, or woodwork.

  • NO music after 10pm. All music must be inside. Keep in mind this is a residential area.

  • A police officer is required for parties of 75 people or more. The fee of $120 will be added to the user's bill.

  • Any unusual expense incurred by the club for repair, cleaning, damage, or disruption will be billed to the user.

  • For children's parties (under 18), parental chaperones are required at a ratio of 1 adult for every 10 children.

  • User must provide their own ice.

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