“Judiciously Delicious Food”


Buffet Menu


Party Platters


  • Mixed Quesadilla Platter (60 pcs.)—A mixture of cheese, chicken, and shrimp quesadillas all blended with onions and peppers and served with salsa and sour cream for dipping.-----------------$70


  • Chicken Tender Platter (40 pcs.) - Served with BBQ, honey mustard, and ranch for dipping.---$60


  • Wing Platter—Wingettes and drumettes tossed in Buffalo or BBQ Sauce.  Served with Celery stalks and Bleu Cheese for dipping.

   25 pcs.-----------------------------------$40

  50 pcs.-----------------------------------$70


  • Classic Finger Sandwiches—Mixed platter of traditional finger sandwiches including turkey, ham, and roast beef on fresh white and wheat bread. (Tuna and chicken salad available for additional charge upon request.)

50 pcs.----------------------------------$30

100 pcs.--------------------------------$55


  •  Pulled Pork Sliders—Slow-cooked, shredded pork shoulder served atop a sweet bun. BBQ Sauce and Cole Slaw served on the side.

25 Sliders---------------------------------$50

+10 Sliders---------------------------------$18


  • Meatballs—Bite-sized, sweet and savory meatballs marinated and slow-cooked to perfection.


150 pcs. ------------------------------------$45


  •   Mixed Fruits Tray and Dip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$35


  •   Mixed Veggie Tray and Dip-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$30







Meal & Dessert Bars—These popular and interactive stations allow guests to build-their-own meal.


  •  Baked Potato Bar—Choose from a variety of toppings including ham, turkey, cheese, chives, butter, sour cream, olives, bacon, tomatoes. Grilled chicken and shrimp are available for an additional charge. Have other favorite toppings? Let us know and we’ll customize the experience.

30 Servings----------------------------------$60  

+10 Servings---------------------------------$15


  •  Fajita Bar—A traditional southwest favorite that accommodates groups from 4 to 400. Choose between marinated-grilled chicken, beef, or shrimp and finish with a pepper and onion mixed grill flour tortillas.

Chicken-------$16/4 guests/8 Fajitas
 Beef------------$18/4 guests/8 Fajitas
Shrimp--------$20/4 guests/8 Fajitas
  Combo of Two--$20/4 guests/8 Fajitas


  •  Mini-Pie Bar—Miniature graham cracker pie crusts filled with guests’ choice of several puddings and toppings, finished with a cup of fresh brewed coffee------------------------------$3/guest. (min. 15)



Hors d’ oeuvres—Buffet style (Hand-passed hors d’ oeuvres are available upon request for an additional fee.)


  •   Mini-Quiche—Appetizer sized pastries with a variety of Swiss cheese- bacon and broccoli-cheddar fillings.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$20/50 pcs


  •   Roasted Tomato Guacamole Toasts—House-made creamy guacamole topped with roasted Roma tomatoes served on toasted bread.---------------------------------------------------------------------$30/50 pcs


  •   Shrimp & Sausage Jambalaya Dip—A twist on a Cajun classic. Shrimp and sausage rendered in a combination of cheeses and spices loaded on top light, buttery crackers.-----------------------$40/50 pcs






Pasta and Rice Dishes


  •  Penne Alfredo Pasta—Tender Penne Pasta tossed in a creamy, Cajun (but not too spicy) Alfredo Sauce topped with Parmesan cheese.



No Meat
 Half Pan--------$20 

Full Pan--------$30


Add Grilled Chicken 

Half Pan--------$30 

Full Pan--------$55


Add Grilled Shrimp 

Half Pan--------$40 

Full Pan--------$65


  • Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya


Half Pan-----------$30

Full Pan------------$50



Carving Stations—We will offer several stations upon request featuring freshly carved meats including Baked Ham, Roasted turkey, Roasted Beef, and Prime Rib. Each is based on the market price and can be quoted at time of ordering.





Plated Banquet Meals

(Each meal is served with hosts choice of House or Caesar salad, warm dinner rolls, hosts choice of dessert and coffee)


  •   Option A: Baked or Grilled Chicken Breasts served with oven roasted red potatoes w/ glazed carrots--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$34/guest


  •   Option B: Oven Baked and Pan Seared Filet Mignon served with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$40/guest


  •   Option C: New Zealand Lamb Chops seasoned and pan- seared to a perfect “medium” served atop a bed of sautéed spinach alongside steamed whole green beans----------------------------------$42/guest



***JD|Food specializes in serving up your interests. We will accommodate your event with customized dishes and menus. Please be sure to allow us the opportunity to satisfy your event needs.*** 


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